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Formed in the mid 90's, Muse are an alternative rock band from England. The band is lead by multi-talented Matt Bellamy who is responsible for lead vocals, lead guitar, piano and keyboards within the band, Chris Wolstenholme who plays bass guitar, keyboard and supplies backing vocals and finally Dominic Howard who plays drums and various percussion. Muse's debut album was Showbiz and was released in 1999. It featured Bellamy's now iconic falsetto singing style which is on many tracks and the alternative rock genre featuring catchy melodies that Muse is known for. Their second album, Origin of Symmetery, was released in 2001. This album expanded their style of sound and included a larger variety of instruments which is no surprise due to the band's talents with different types of music. The album was inspired by the classical genre and the band earned a reputation as energetic live performers during this time. Absolution was released in 2003. Like Origin of Symmetery, the album took influences from the classical genre going as far to featuring orchestras on certain tracks. This album became the first of five to be a UK number one album by the Muse. Black Holes and Revelations was released in 2006 and instead of classical featured electronic and pop influences. This album was inspired more by bands such as Depeche Mode. Black Holes and Revelations brought Muse international success and recognition. The Resistance (2009) and The 2nd Law (2012), explored ideas and themes around government oppression and consequent civil uprising against authority. Their seventh album and most recent was Drones, released in 2015. As a concept album, it rotated around drone warfare and the music style itself returned to a harder rock sound. Muse have been awarded many accolades, including multiple Grammys, Brit Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards and NME Awards.

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